Acorn Iberian Ham - P.D.O. Guijuelo
Long Tradition on Pig-Meat Processing
Juan Matas

D. Juan Matas Martín , 1922

D. Juan Matas Martín creates our company in 1922.

A small family business whose success is based on the use of traditional production processes, on the high quality of the raw materials used on its products and on the meticulous and individualized work of the curing specialists.

Abundio Matas

D. Abundio Matas Sánchez, 1960

D. Abundio Matas Sánchez, son of D. Juan Matas Martín, took over as head of the company in the 60s.

In a time of changes and modernization, he opted to continue with the traditional methods and to maintain the high quality of the products. This led the company to get high recognition and put our products on the most demanding markets.

Juan Matas

Vice President of the Regulatory Council for the D. O. Guijuelo, 1986

D. Abundio Matas Sánchez actively collaborated in the creation of the Protected Designation of Origin Guijuelo, being the first Vice President of the Regulatory Council constituted in 1986.

Since 1996, the products of D.O.P. Guijuelo have EU protection. This products give an unique identity of the gastronomy of our country.


Today we continue the path...

Today we continue the same path started in 1922 by John D. Juan Matas Martín. A path carved by a long experience that teaches us that the quality and care of our products are the guarantee of our future.

Juan Matas